Welcome to the Military Schools For Defiant Youth

We hope this site will help you as you search for help for your defiant child. Our goal is to provide military style programs and boot camps for troubled youth that are not able to get into a traditional military school.

We specialize in helping parents with defiant, out of control youth looking for the structure and discipline found in a military school but whose youth are not interested in making changes in their lives.If you are looking for a true military school for a well behaved, model student this site is not for you.

What is a Traditional Military School?

A traditional military school is typically a college preparatory atmosphere. The student body is made up of high achiever’s and in some cases gifted children. These young people are not satisfied with a disruptive classroom and want to get more from their education. Many are interested in a career in the military.

Is a Military School Appropriate for my child?

If you are searching for military style structure for your problem child you have possibly found that most of the traditional style military schools are not able to help. The reason for this is they are more geared toward a child that is interested in striving to excel. Military schools have changed over the years and are different than they were 10 or 20 years ago. You probably remember the day when a military school was an option for a defiant youth, but those days are gone. The United States Army used to also be an option for a troubled youth.

Many were given the option of joining or spending time in a youth facility. Those days are also a thing of the past. As you may have discovered a true military school has a stringent admission process. Many have a non-refundable application fee followed up with a no-refund tuition policy. Therefore, if you are able to convince your son or daughter to attend a military school and they are admitted but soon are asked to leave, even after a few days, you will lose the tuition that you have paid in advance.