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Summer Is Coming

Summer Programs The year is coming to an end and it will soon be spring again. Some parents dread spring and summer as their teens will be out of school and on the prowl again. There are some military style summer programs available to keep them busy. If a teen has a tendency to get [...]

Positive Parenting Skills

Positive Parenting When was the last time you praised your child for doing something? Some children are raised having never received any positive praise from their parents. They may receive some out of the home but never from the people that matter the most. Praise from mom or dad can go a long way in [...]

Spoiled Rotten Little Brat

Spoiled Children You Spoiled rotten little brat, Have you ever found yourself yelling these words at your child? The fact is there are many children today that could be considered spoiled rotten. To be fair it is important to back up a bit a look at the process that lead to the spoiled child’s behavior. [...]

Help Your Teen Through the Military

Military Boarding School Many teens are interested in a career in the military. Parents of teens that have expressed an interest in a military career can help their children make the best of their high school years. Youth today are more interested in the military than in the last decade. Some parents are apprehensive about [...]