Finance Options

What types of finance options are available?

This site is not designed to help parents seeking help in a traditional military school. We will discuss options that will assist parents financing for a defiant youth military school. Parent(s) with good credit may have options available and could possible qualify for any of the loans mentioned. Here are a few selections for families that have good credit.

•    Key Bank (800) 538-5363
•    Sallie Mae Funding (800) 559-3220
•    Prep Gate (888) 353-4283
•    Teri Loans (800) 837-4326
Home Equity
Lending Tree Personal Loans: Select Home Equity loan request will give you up to four loan options. Or call 800-411-8733
E Loan 125% Home Equity Loans: Apply on line or call 877-483-4357
Personal Loans
Bad Credit Loan Options
Get Finance All types of loans