Help Your Teen Through the Military

Military Boarding School

Many teens are interested in a career in the military. Parents of teens that have expressed an interest in a military career can help their children make the best of their high school years. Youth today are more interested in the military than in the last decade. Some parents are apprehensive about a military life for their child due to the danger they may encounter. Life on the front line can be terrifying even for the most seasoned military veteran. There is really no way to minimize the potential dangers any youth in the military may encounter. Putting these fears aside for a minute, parents should look at the positives of military service. Those who serve in the military are entitled to on the job training and an education. The incentives offered for military service are very attractive. The education offered through the military may be the only way possible for some youth to afford a college education. In the world today life without a college education can be brutal and financially difficult. The college educated obviously make more than those without a degree. The military school can give the teen a leg up when it comes to service in the military. Some military school graduates are given preferential treatment in the military. Those that graduate high school and go onto a prestigious military school like West Point will be given a higher rank as soon as they enter military service.  This from the West Point website:

Upon graduation, cadets are awarded Bachelor of Science degrees and commissions as second lieutenants in the U.S. Army. They serve on active duty for a minimum of five years. West Point graduates have served our country in a variety of capacities for more than 200 years, as military leaders, engineers, explorers on land and in space, and as leaders in business and government.

The advantageous of attending a military school are obvious, parents of youth interested in a military career may want to explore the military boarding school as an option for their teen.

Parenting  Teens

Parents that have served in the military may want the same lifestyle for their child. This may not always work. Some teens just really don’t want to follow in their parents foot steps in anything. If this is the case parents should not try to force the military on their teen. If the teen doesn’t have any interest in the military they will more than likely fail in a military school setting. If the teen is interested in the military, a military boarding school may be a good choice. There are several military schools in the United States to choose from. Parents and teens should research them all to find the best option for their teen. Once the school is selected the parents and teen should begin making plans to visit the school. The plans may be subject to being accepted into the school, but it might be smart to visit prior to make sure the teen is interested before the arduous task of paperwork is tackled.


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