Military Schools and Troubled Teens

Military Enlisted Law Breakers

It almost sounds like an oxymoron to put military school and troubled teens in the same sentence. The fact is in the not too distant past troubled youth were ordered into the military if they had criminal problems. The mandated military service was a form of discipline and restitution for the unruly teen. These days are now gone and youth interested in the military must undergo a complete enlistment screening process. Rather than send youth into the military for misbehavior they now reward those who enlist with incentives.  This is not to say that the military used as “time served” in the past may not have been a good idea. There are adults that went through the court ordered military experience that will agree it may have saved their lives. The abrupt end to terrible behavior and the beginning of the highly structured life was just what the Dr. ordered for the rowdy teen. The success may have been coupled with the fact that people from that generation still respected adults and especially their superiors in the military. It is doubtful that this technique would work in our day.

Military Boarding Schools

Today military schools are reserved for those interested in a career in the military. There are High School and Jr High Schools that board youth interested in a career in the military. One such school, St Johns Military Academy, is located in Salina in North  Central Kansas. The school has been around for a very long time and they have had success creating quality youth prepared for service in the military. The school is organized in groups similar to the military and those in charge have offices and ranks similar to the military. Some personnel are former military people adding the “been there done that’ component to life in the school. The school is Christian based military school adding the religious component that is missing from many young peoples lives today. 92% of the graduates of St. Johns will go on to higher education. This statistic says volumes about the positive influence on the cadets enrolled.

Some military style schools are single sex meaning that they only enroll boys or girls. This is controversial in the liberal society that exist today. The upside to an all boys, or all girls academy is the obvious; (no need to impress the opposite sex). This  minimizes showing off and gives the boys and staff one less thing to worry about.

Troubled Teens and Military Schools

The troubled teen of today unlike  several years ago will not be court ordered to serve in the military. The troubled teen in most cases will not even be accepted into the military. Upper class prestigious military schools like West Point will more than likely never be an option for a defiant unruly teen. If a teen is enrolled into a military school against his or her wishes parent need to beware. Most military schools reserve the right to dismiss or expel a defiant cadet. Most do not have a refund policy, meaning that if a teen is kicked out of a military school parents may not be entitled to a refund.

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