Private Military Schools

Military Schools

Since the inception of the United States there have been military schools. Over the years many of our countries military hero’s have been graduates of military schools. The military school gives youth a chance to experience first hand how life will be when they enlist in the military. This takes the shock of boot camp, as it is a way of life for them. The necessity of keeping clean quarters and a perfectly made bed become second nature. They are used to addressing others as yes sir, no sir. Cadets soon understand the chain of command and realize that they should only speak when spoken to. They learn the benefits of shoes being spit shined, military uniform clean and ironed, hair cut, and their personal hygiene in tip top shape. Cadets will be in great physical condition appreciating the daily physical training or PT they engage in every day.

Prestigious Military Schools

There are some military schools that are difficult to gain entrance into. This is because they have been around for so long and because they have such a great reputation for producing capable string military leaders. For someone interested in a military career there are advantages of graduating from a military school. There advantages are increased when the soldier graduates from a prestigious military school. One such military school would be West Point. As of the date of this article West Point is accepting applications for 4.5 years in advance. Their enrollment process is very extensive. This list of requirements begins the long application process.

  • At least 17 but not yet 23 years of age
  • Not married
  • Not pregnant or have a legal obligation to support a child
  • A U.S. citizen (exception: see International Admissions)

If an applicant meets these requirements they proceed to the application process. We have added a link for convenience for those interested in applying.

West Point is the premiere education vehicle for the United States Military. If a teen is serious about a career in the military this would be the very best place to start. For those that are not able to attend a prestigious military institution like West Point there are other options.

Local Recruiter

Most every large city should have a military recruiter somewhere. This is a great place to begin planning a military career. They can assist with the administration of the ASVAB test. The ASVAB is the acronym for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. Basically in a nut shell it helps the army determine a cadets strengths, weaknesses and their potential for success in the military. The test can also help with career choices in a civilian setting and if vocational school may be a better choice than a university. The local recruiter’s job is to recruit youth into the military, but they can also be very helpful with some avenues that would be advantageous for the youth they talk to. To find a recruiter in a particular area follow this link. The first step to a life in the military begins at the recruiters office.




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