Positive Parenting Skills

Positive Parenting

When was the last time you praised your child for doing something? Some children are raised having never received any positive praise from their parents. They may receive some out of the home but never from the people that matter the most. Praise from mom or dad can go a long way in helping a child develop an appropriate amount of self esteem. From the day they are born children crave attention and they will usually get it. Before the baby learns to talk they learn to get what they need. They will cry until parents guess what it is they are asking for. This behavior follows a child as they grow. Some young people have a hard time explaining what they really want, if they really even know. One thing is certain, every child needs to be loved and praised. Children that don’t receive praise or positive attention may decide to get attention by doing negative things. In school this tactic will always get them some special attention, not the kind parents like to hear about, but it is attention non the less. This doesn’t mean that every child that acts out in school is doing so because the parents have failed in child raising, but successful parenting skills always include positive praise for children.

Complimenting Children

It may be difficult to find anything positive to say about a child especially if they are currently struggling. The initial positive comment may be something as simple as,”I really appreciate the way you got out of bed today”. Compliments need to be sincere, as children will see through a fake attempt to praise them. They may even think the praise is sarcasm from the parent if it is not sincere. Like anything it will take some time to develop the ability to effectively praise children, especially the ones that rarely do anything praiseworthy. Parents can create situations that will foster a positive situation that could end in praise. This can be done by building on the child’s strengths. If a child is good at athletics take some time to participate with them. Playing catch can produce a positive comment like, “you are really good at throwing that ball”, or “you sure can catch well.” Even though the situation was created the praise still happens and both parent and child are better for the experience.


Some parents worst nightmare is helping their child with homework. Not only the time it takes, but the continual pleading just to get the work out and get started. Homework can create a special time for parents to praise their child. If the child is doing terrible but is writing well the parent can compliment them on their penmanship. If their penmanship is terrible, but they are getting the answers to the work right parents can compliment them on doing so well on the assignment. If they are doing poorly in school but they are always on time compliment them for being punctual. Of course they need to be corrected for things they do wrong, but never let the corrections outweigh the compliments.

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