Spoiled Rotten Little Brat

Spoiled Children

You Spoiled rotten little brat, Have you ever found yourself yelling these words at your child? The fact is there are many children today that could be considered spoiled rotten. To be fair it is important to back up a bit a look at the process that lead to the spoiled child’s behavior. Did the child all of a sudden just begin acting like a spoiled brat, or have the parents and grandparents assisted in this problem? Grandparents are included as in many families, they are directly involved, maybe even in a day care type environment. With both parents working today some families enlist Grandma to help take care of the children while the parents are away at work. This is usually much better than sending a child to a day care situation, but if the grandparent is too lenient it can create problems. In order for a child to become spoiled, someone has to spoil them. Before a parent gets too carried away screaming at their child they need to take a look in the mirror. Some parents feel guilty for leaving their children so much and in an effort to ease their guilt they buy things for the child. In some families a lot of things. This may be contributing to the child becoming spoiled.

Family Dynamics and Finances

When both parents work there is definitely a drain on the entire family. There is really no replacement for a parent always being in the home. Many couples never plan on having only one parent work, or a single income, so this thought never enters their mind. With family budgets planned around a two income strategy the family (mostly children) will suffer. The situation can be worse when the children are left alone after they come home from school and even at other times in the day. This applies also to teens being left alone.  The ideal situation would be for either one or the other parent to be in the home the majority of the time. This will create a strain on the family budget, but the sacrifice is well worth it when children and teens grow up with the consistency of a parent always available. The responsibility of raising children is very difficult even for parents that are home with them. When the child grows up without their parents influence it is no wonder that parent and children have a tendency to disagree on just about everything. Many parents today believe that it is the responsibility of the school system to educate their children. This is true to some degree, but does the education system provide for any type of ethical, moral or religious training?


The best person to raise a child is their parents. Parents should make every effort to see that they spend as much time as humanly possible with their children. No one can have as much of an influence on a child as their parents can. No one can provide the type of consistency for a child that parents can. While it may be difficult, parents should consider making arrangements for one of them to be in the home most of the time. This is important to consider even though it may require financial sacrifices.

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