Summer Is Coming

Summer Programs

The year is coming to an end and it will soon be spring again. Some parents dread spring and summer as their teens will be out of school and on the prowl again. There are some military style summer programs available to keep them busy. If a teen has a tendency to get into trouble when they are not supervised, parents may want to look into a summer program, or summer camp for their teen. There are 30-90 day programs available in the summer months that would occupy the teen for the better part of their summer. Some of them are very structured and similar to an experience in the military. There are some that more like the summer camps of old with some time spent in leisure activities and sports. A simple search on the Internet can produce many options. Most two parent families have both parents working out of the home full time during the summer months. This leaves a void in the structure for the children that are out of school. It is not too early to begin looking for summer placements now. Some of the more popular summer programs are first come, first served, and fill up quickly with space being limited.


Summer Alternatives

It might seem a little unusual to start thinking of summer options for your child, but some of the options start filling up around the first of the year. Some other alternatives to consider may include, a part time or seasonal job for your child. This will require a little planning to see that they have everything organized and ready to move forward. In many areas across the country there are employment opportunities that are seasonal, or only available during the summer months. Each community is different, some research may be required to determine what these options in your area. If a teen has a job during the summer, they will have less idle time, removing some of the temptations they may have. Another option could be summer school. This is never received well by a teen, but it may be a great way to see that they stay on track academically. If the teen is a little behind this can give them a chance to improve their GPA, enhancing their college options. Another possibility would be a summer boot camp or boarding school experience. More than likely this will not be received with open arms by the teen. If the teen is struggling academically, and beginning to head down a negative path this may be a great option for them. The teen can learn that making appropriate choices will give them more freedom. A troubled defiant teen could be enrolled in some type of a 60-90 day boot camp or troubled teen boarding school to keep them out of trouble through the summer.

Summer Structure

If none of the options above seem viable it may be a good idea to set up structure for each child individually. During the summer teens typically don’t open a book, with the exception of Face Book. Parents may want to establish a reading schedule for their children. The kids can be taken to the library each week and select books they are interested in. They will be much more likely to read something if they find it interesting. Teachers of classes a child struggled in the previous year may be contacted to see what the child could do over the summer to enhance their skills. A list of daily activities is also a good idea. It is important that children have a break from the regular school year schedule, but equally as important that they have things to do in the summer. Chores should also be a part of the daily schedule. It is not necessary that the teen get up early, during the summer, but a list of things to do can help tremendously.


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