Is A Military School For My Child?

Military Schools

Many parents wonder if their child would be a good fit for a military school. There are several things that should be considered prior to placing a teen in a military school. Here are a few things to think about. Does the teen do well in school, what kind of grades do they get? A teen that is interested in attending a traditional Military School will need to do well in school in order to be accepted. They won’t necessarily have to have straight A’s but they will need to meet the minimum criteria for the school they are interested in. Some of the more prestigious military schools are difficult to gain admission to even for capable scholars. The school will select the best applicants for admission, this may limit some students from the ability to get in. If a child or teen is interested in going to a particular military school they should focus on getting good grades so this won’t limit their options. It is a good idea to obtain a list of minimum criteria from the desired military school several years before it is time to enroll. This will help the youth understand what kind of grades they will need to keep in order to be accepted. The child will need to obtain letters of recommendation from teachers and administrators, so they will also need to be well behaved.

Types of Military Schools

There are several types of military schools available for young people today. There are the old standby but very prestigious institutions like West Point, and the like, but there are less renown military schools that are also available. It is a good idea to research the schools that are available prior to the time when entrance is desired. It would not be a bad idea to get a list of minimum criteria a year or two in advance of the desired enrollment date. It may take some preparation for the youth to get prepared for the school they are interested in. There are also military style schools for troubled teens that don’t require a lot from the student. There is a drastic difference in the military school for a troubled teen and the traditional military school. Some parents confuse the two, creating problems while trying to find help for their child. The traditional military school will not accept a defiant youth. If a defiant teen somehow gains access to a military school, and is later asked to leave can result in a loss of tuition for the parent. Parents need to research schools or boarding schools for troubled teens rather than military schools when seeking help for a troubled and defiant teen. A teen that is truly defiant will usually not gain acceptance into a military school so it is not a huge issue, but definitely worth understanding the difference. The application process will usually help parents determine what type of placement they are considering. If the teen needs to be taken against his or her will typically they will be going to a troubled teen boarding school and not a military school.

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